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If I were to create an excel sheet with merge fields for a Mail Merge, and one of those fields were to be a file location, for example, can I then create a link in my Word document to a second Excel file based on the file name / location in the Mail Merge field?

Links pointing to documentation on this subject are equally appreciated.

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You can insert a Hyperlink into the Word document in the normal way and set the display text to whatever you want.

Highlight the hyperlink and use Shift + F9 to see the field code.

{HYPERLINK "C:\\path\\to\\excelfile.xls"}

Replace the part in quotes with the merge field name.

{HYPERLINK "«Link_Path»"}

Use Shift + F9 to switch back to normal view.

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Right on! Actually {LINK ... } was what I needed (I think), thanks for your input. Now on to understanding the switches ("\a \f 4 \h").... – Mendel Jan 2 '13 at 19:42

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