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I am attempting to write a script for GeekTool that will show my last X (20) commands on my screen.

I can either display a file or use the output of a shell command (preferred).

The problem is that when I run the command from a script I get ~/bin/ no such event: 0 as an error.

My script file is:

#!/bin/zsh --login
#history | tail -n 25 > /tmp/history.txt

export HISTFILE=~/.zsh_history 
fc -l -20 -1

The fc command works if I run it from a shell; however if I run it from the script then it fails. I think it has something to do with it not being able to read the history file, but have no confirmation of this.

I can not directly use the .zsh_history file as I use ZSH extended history and has embedded meta data.

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You should add a fc -R to force reading the history file, and delete that -1

#!/bin/zsh --login
#history | tail -n 25 > /tmp/history.txt

export HISTFILE=~/.zsh_history 
fc -R
fc -l -20
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This was the exact problem... it wasn't clear to me that it must happen in two separate commands. Thanks! – Andrew Burns Jan 9 '13 at 22:32

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