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I have a nested folder structure containing lots of folders and files.

How do I search inside files for a pattern eg "sampletext", but only if the filename matches a pattern (eg only search inside files with .txt extension) and finally the containing folder name must match another pattern? (eg "data").

I'm sure I could write a shell script to do it, but I'm sure clever one-liners exist that will teach me new things!

Thanks in advance

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Since you say you have a nested folder structure, I believe *data*/*txt won’t do what you need.  I suggest

find . –type d –name "*data*" –exec sh –c "grep sampletext /dev/null {}/*.txt" \;

The /dev/null is there to force grep to display the filename even when it runs on a directory that has only one .txt file in it.

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Wicked, thanks. – jon Jan 3 '13 at 19:01

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