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A notification randomly appeared while I was using my computer at the bottom right of the screen informing me 'Drivers had been successfully installed' and the Internet connection disconnected suddenly. I didn't install anything.

Should I be concerned and what can I do to investigate this? I've scanned my computer using Avast and I have checked the list of installed drivers but I'm not sure if the date displayed is the actual date they were installed/updated. Any more suggestions? What could have caused this?

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This is a hardware or software issue, not a security issue. It might be, but a lamp going dark can also be a security issue while it probably just burned out. Your network hardware got reconnected, which is probably a bug in the driver or something, and the cause is not related to security. – Luc Jan 1 '13 at 20:15

Go in to "View Reliability History" (if Windows Vista/7/8), and you should be able to see what driver was installed.

My bet is on Windows update automatically installing a network driver update which wiped config, and it took a while for you to get a new DHCP lease - or, your machine has a static ip (no DHCP on your network) and the info was wiped during the upgrade.

IF this is wrong, please say in comments and I will try to help further - but, I don't think anything is actually wrong here.

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