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I've spent several days on this and tried various tricks found on the 'net.

So here's my "have Windows on my Mac mini" project:

I own an older Mac mini (Core Duo / 32bit) running Mac OS X Tiger. I haven't updated the system to a higher version of OS X partly due to laziness, partly because of hints saying "nononooooo you need better hardwaaare!!" - well, anyway.

So basically I don't have the Bootcamp assistant and I don't know how to get boot camp tools in any legit way. BUT I read that the tools are not necessary anyway..?

So what I did (and what apparently "worked" so far):

  1. resized the Mac OS X partition to take only half of the HD disk space; this resulted in the Windows 7 installation media to start, but block at the point where I had to select the target drive / partition: "..GTP style partition..". Bummer! However, Mac OS X still works fine.

  2. then, format the free space to NTFS with GParted, started from a Mint linux boot CD that I actually got to run without any hassle (wow!! THAT was really cool..)

BUT when I insert my Windows 7 (32bit) installation media now, starting interrupts much earlier, telling me "press any key to continue booting from CD / DVD".

The problem is, that with ANY USB keyboard I have available here (including Mac, and also non-Mac / PC keyboards), no input is possible. While I wonder why they ask me anyway, it would also be interesting if I would be able to use a keyboad (and mouse) later, if ever I manage to come further than this point. Funnily enough, try #1 (see above) stopped at a much later point, where I already had been able to select the Windows Localization stuff with my USB keyboard (or mouse, don't remember any more).

So does anyone have a hint what I can do in my specific situation?

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The easiest way to do all of this is to upgrade to 10.5 or 10.6 and run Bootcamp. If the answer is you were lazy, be lazy again and do it the easy way ;) – Everett Jan 3 '13 at 10:21
Try using a boot manager like reFind and see if you can control your booting options better – Ali Jan 3 '13 at 11:02

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