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I do most of my work is Visual Studio 2012. I also use ManicTime to help me get an idea of how much time I spend working on certain things. However, I'm having trouble getting these two programs to work in concert.

The core problem, I think, is that VS2012 does not show the currently opened file name in the title bar. It shows the solution name, but that isn't all that useful for me in my situation; I really need to know the specific file name that I'm working on at a given time. Because of this, ManicTime is not able to track the files I work on in the "Documents" section of what its tracking feature.

I was able to fix this in VS2010 with a macro I came across. It would update Visual Studio's title bar with the name of the file, and update it every time you switched to a different file. But in VS2012, the entire macro feature no longer exists, so I can't go that route.

I've given VSCommands a shot, but I don't think it gets quite there. It shows the file name in the "badge" / Aero Peek preview, but it still doesn't update the title bar, and ManicTime still doesn't show any information about the files I work on in VS2012.

Can anyone come up with a way to make this work? Or some other process that doesn't involve ManicTime?

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