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I want to get rid of one of the two instances of MySQL on my iMac.


A while back I installed one just to play around with it - but then I ended up installing a MAMP stack so that I could do PHP development. When I did that it installed a version of MySQL as well - so now I have two of them running.


So, I ran a netstat -n | grep mysql and got back the following results:

Running MySQL Instances

However, I don't know how to get the one that's not in the MAMP directory off of my machine. Please direct me. Thanks!

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You can use find / -name mysql to find all occurrences of mysql to find where mysql instances are installed.

Or you can have a look at /usr/local. That's where normally external mysql-instances are installed to. If you find a mysql-folder in there you can safely remove that if you definitely do not need that one. Don't forget to remove the symbolic link also.

You should then also have a look at /Library/StartupItems which could contain a folder named MSYQL-something (right now not sure about the exact name) which you can also delete. It's the stuff that start your MySQL-Database during the boot-process.

And then there's the MySQL-PreferencePane you can remove. It should be located at /Library/PreferencePanes. Simply move it to the Trash and be happy.

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You can check the pid from the 2nd column from

sudo lsof | grep mysql.sock

would result

mysqld     303         _mysql   12u     unix 0x54d946e8e8d9b067       0t0                     /tmp/mysql.sock

with the pid, you can have list the instances with ps axu | grep mysql , where the 2nd column is the pid.

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OK, from there how do I remove that instance of MySQL completely from my Mac? – Mike Perrenoud Jan 4 '13 at 11:37

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