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We have a Netgear FVS336G router in our network that was accessible through in web browser before.

When I was connecting to IRC services such as freenode, they used to ban me because supposedly I had a proxy server installed, I reckoned it was the web interface of the router that made IRC servers think it's a proxy server, so I tried to make the web interface inaccessible from the internet by turning "remote management" off,

And that fixed the problem of connecting to IRC servers, however now the router is no longer accessible through the web interface, so I can't make changes to the firewall settings.

How do I gain access back?

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What you are looking for is a Factory Reset.

The above link was the first hit when I googled factory reset Netgear FVS336G, sometimes you just need to know the correct term.

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This indicates you are not connected to the router in the same subnet. If your IP is different to you are possibly behind a second router, e.g. a wlan router or something like that.

For further troubleshooting a more detailed description of your network could be helpful.

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When I do ipconfig /all, I get the folllowings IPv4 Address :, Subnet Mask :, Default Gateway :, doesn't this show we are in the same subnet? – user893730 Jan 4 '13 at 16:03
absolutely. then it's even more strange your router is not allowing access. you may follow the factory reset suggestion – user4711 Jan 4 '13 at 19:49

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