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I have an internal laptop HDD which I wish to copy to another SATA HDD.

There is no spare storage for storing an image, so I wish to make a direct disk-to-disk clone. I have connected the destination HDD via a USB-SATA powered adapter. CloneZilla does not seem to support this during disk-to-disk mode, as it's only looking at SATA connections and doesn't mount USB devices at that point.

Are there alternatives? Or is there another way to do it with CloneZilla?

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It's possible using Clonezilla. The issue might be in how you load Clonezilla.

Try Parted Magic's version:

  • Download & burn the ISO
  • boot the CD
  • Connect the drive to the USB/SATA connector
  • THEN start the version of Clonezilla that is included with Parted Magic
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dd in Linux will do it; you just need to know what the device path is

dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdx

... replacing x with the device letter in Linux. You can find this out by typing

sudo fdisk -l

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