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I want to connect my virtual Debain server to the LAN via a bridged network. The virtual bridged network is configured in the VMWare Virtual Network Editor (VmNet0 - Bridged), the right NIC has been selected by me - so its not set to auto-bridging.

My problem now is, that this setup worked for me until a switch was plugged between my workstation (that is running the VM) and the router. (It used to work with the setting Custom - Specific virtual network: VMNet 0 - selected in the virtual machine settings)

What changed need to be done to get this or a similar configuration working - with the switch.

So my goal is to give the virtual server its own IP - so that I can access it from any of my local PCs...

Thanks in advance for all tips!

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In the end it turned out that the firewall of my host computer somehow "magically" changed its configuration - after a certain number of ingoing connections I guess.

At the same time I started using the switch. So these two events collided by accident...

Sorry for your time!

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