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I want to include svn version number into my C/C++ code. I found a way to do it in linux, but I also compile the code under Windows, where I don't use svn.

One way to do it would be to create a file svn.h, which is then included into the code. The file should contain the following line:

#define SVNVERSION "12345M"

Here 12345M is the output of the command svnversion. How to create such a file using bash script (or how to include the command into the Makefile)?

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AFAIR, SVN does keyword expansion, so you can get version numbers pasted in automatically on checkout.

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echo '#define SVNVERSION "'$(svnversion .)'"' > svn.h

You may have to adjust svnversion . so it matches exactly what you write to get 12345M

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