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Problem details

problem event name: bex fault module name: isdi2.dll

Clean install windows 7 Ult, x64

errors out with same error whether I install 11.6 or 11.7

I did the clean install in hopes of remedying it. The drive installs, I just can't manage the raid array using the gui.

The service also won't start in service manager. I get an error 1067

Any help would be appreciate, it seems a lot of people are having this problem on the intel forum.

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There are bugs in the Intel code around the drivers being confused by non-Intel SATA on the same machine, including Windows 8 Storage Spaces (not applicable to you but might be to others who find this; it's what got me here).

The bugs are fixed in version 12.0 of the drivers. I can't find them on the Intel site but I did find them at station-drivers:

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