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How can I edit the contents of a table in phpPgAdmin without using SQL? Or is there an alternative tool that allows me to edit datasets?

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I've used pgadmin3 on ubuntu to work with a postgres database. It allows you to modify rows without using sql. I'm assuming phpPgAdmin is similar (but I haven't used it). I edit rows in pgadmin3 by:

  1. right click table name
  2. view data
  3. click on the cell I want to change to edit

Here is the site for pgadmin:

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Hey many thanks! I didn't know that this is possible using PgAdmin. I have it installed to administrate my local dev mode database. Unfortunately it is a different version than the server requires, so it denies access to the server. For this reason, and for other reasons, I'd like to use a Web tool for the purpose of editing datasets. Therefore I use phpPgAdmin. But the editing function seems to be missing. – user1625837 Jan 5 '13 at 5:02
My PgAdmin tool doesn't provide an edit function. It begins to dawn on me it might have something to do with the particular table. I suspect the missing primary key is to blame for it... – user1625837 Jan 5 '13 at 5:17
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Add a primary key, then you may edit a table's contents. This is possible on an existing table filled with contents using

ALTER TABLE table_name ADD PRIMARY KEY (column_name);
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