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I need a media player which shows all music files which I have listened and how much times it is played. As I know Windows Media Player hasn't such functionality.

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You Windows Media Player can have this feature if you will download music tracker from this website: and then after installation it will automatically offer you to add plugin for your Windows Media Player and in couple of minutes you can build your own music profile :]


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Foobar with Playback Statistics component can do this

  • download & install foobar2000 (I recommend portable mode)
  • add your music folders to foobar's media library
    menu → file → preferences → media library → add
  • download & install Playback Statistics
    menu → file → preferences → components → install
    Note: Played files are only counted AFTER the installation of this component.
    Play some music files before you proceed with the next step or you will get an empty list
  • create a new autoplaylist which shows only played music files
    menu → library → search
  • Insert this query NOT %play_count% MISSING SORT DESCENDING BY %play_count%
  • click on the ... button and create the autoplaylist

    enter image description here

You can adjust the layout of your playlist in every way you can imagine.
Just ask what you want here or over there at Hydrogenaudio

  • Here is an example of my autoplaylists which uses a dynamic auto rating
    (e.g. 2 times played last week is higher than 5 times played last year)

    enter image description here

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WMP does in fact have such functionality. Create an auto playlist, enter a name for the playlist, and under Music in my library add the following criteria:

Play count: Total overall Is Greater Than 0

Then click OK to save the playlist.

As for showing the play counts, right-click a column header in the library (such as Title), select Choose columns, tick the Play count item, make sure that Hide columns automatically is unchecked, and click OK.

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