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I have a Cosair cooling kit that is Cosair link enabled running in a case with a bunch of fans and a PSU and storage in a jerry rigged DAS setup... no motherboard. The Cosair link system requires a USB header on the motherboard to plug itself into, not for power but for software control.

So I want to get an adapter that basically takes the connector from the Cosair link system and converts into a regular 2.0 USB connector and plug that into my laptop so i can use the software to control the fans. i.e. bypass the motherboard that would normally be in the case with fans and storage.

I looked at the header expander from NZTX but that expands a motherboard USB header, it does not adapt a female USB connector coming out of a device (like Cosair Link Commander) to a regular USB connector.

Any ideas?

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Would something like this do?

enter image description here

Amazon has it listed as a Adapter Cable, USB 2.0, IDC 5 Male (single row) to USB A Male

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Perfect. I guess I should have been able to find that myself but for whatever reason didn't. tyvm – rism Jan 6 '13 at 20:37
google fu - While it wasn't my initial search "5 pin header USB male" works perfectly. Just to note you can find it cheaper elsewhere, but amazon was the place I found first (and Stackexchange gets money off referrals ;p) – Journeyman Geek Jan 7 '13 at 0:24

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