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I've recently set up Debian 6.0.6 and want to install google-chrome as the default web browser. The problem is that I can't remove others browsers (Iceweasel particularly) because there is a gnome-core package that depends on it:

    --\ Depends (1)
iB    gnome-core 1:2.30+7
  --\ Versions of gnome-www-browser (6)
p    kazehakase 0.5.8-4
p    galeon 2.0.7-2.1+b1
p    epiphany-browser 2.30.6-1
pp   iceweasel 3.5.16-17
ip   iceweasel 3.5.16-20
p    chromium-browser 6.0.472.63~r59945-5+squeeze6

Is there any mean to remove Iceweasel and set up google-chrome instead of it? I could install Chromium but I would rather prefer google-chrome.

UPD: the same problem emerges when I try to replace Evolution mail client with Icedove.

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You should be able to set google-chrome as your default browser. Open google-chrome and go to Settings and check the box under Default Browser. Another way to do this in GNOME 2 is by going to System -> Preferences -> Preferred Applications and under the Internet tab, choosing google-chrome from the list. Or if you prefer doing this from the command line:

# update-alternatives --config gnome-www-browser

Now you should be able to remove Iceweasel and Epiphany.

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This would not work. The gnome-core package depends on having a package installed which provides the gnome-www-browser virtual package. Changing alternatives or the default Gnome browser has no effect on package dependencies. – Martin Jan 25 '13 at 23:30

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