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Most people will separate directory for different application.

One of my project is running on heroku.
Debugging in local webserver.
Sublime Text for web design.
ZendStudio for web debugging and scripting application.

This is my problem:
My heroku directory is /home/user/heroku/app1
local webserver directory is /var/www/app1
SublimeText Project directory is /home/user/project/app1
ZendStudio Project directory is /home/user/zend-project/app1

Every different directory have the same project.

How to map/sync all the directory? So, I don't need to copy and paste.

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Note that "mapping" is a "DO NOT USE" tag. –  Daniel R Hicks Jan 6 '13 at 22:56

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If the programs will let you use them, you can create all but one as symlinks to the other "real" directory using ln -s.

If the programs don't like symlinks then you can bind mount one directory to all the other locations.

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