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I have Ubuntu Server installed (quantal, 12.10, 32-bit), as a VM guest using Hyper-V with Windows 8.

Note I am using this on my laptop. When I re-open my laptop, the time is no longer synchronised with the VM.

How often does the time synchronisation process take? Is it possible to enforce it somehow?

I can see the following modules installed on Ubuntu: * hv_storvsc * hv_netvsc * hv_utils * hv_vmbus

I have time sync checked under "Synchronistaion services" in Hyper-V.

Note I don't want my VM to require internet access, so unfortunately using an Internet date sync server will not work.


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Install Microsoft's Linux Integration Services on the VM you are having issues with.

  • Downloading the Linux Integration Components v2.1
  • Mount the ISO in the VM
  • Run these commands as root under the VM:

mkdir /mnt/cdrom
mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
mkdir /linuxic
cp –R /mnt/cdrom/* /linuxic
cd /linuxic/
make install
  • Reboot the VM
  • Run this command under the VM as root to verify it worked

    /sbin/lsmod | grep vsc

Source: Installing Linux Integration Services v2.1 Hyper-V R2 On CentOS 5 (courtesy of the Internet archive's Wayback Machine).

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