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When I open a new terminal I don't get the prompt I setup in ~/.bashrc or my aliases etc... If I run exec $SHELL then everything applies like it should for example:

Last login: Mon Jan  7 09:02:00 on console
osiris:~ adam$ exec $SHELL

How do I get it to run everything on startup like it should?

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The Mac OS X Terminal, in contrast to most other terminals, runs a login shell by default.

This means that .bashrc is not called. It will run .bash_profile instead, so you should source your .bashrc from there to have it executed.

See man bash, section "Invocation" for more info, as well as this blog article by Josh Staiger: .bash_profile vs .bashrc

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Thanks! I knew it would be something simple – Arcath Jan 7 '13 at 9:32

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