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We have two pricing models for an item.

  • Price 1 = Cell 1
  • Price 2 = Cell 2

Is there a formula that I can use where the price for the customer would be the whichever is higher among Price 1 and Price 2?

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Please try the following:

  • Put 27 in Cell B2
  • Put 35 in Cell B3
  • Put =MAX(B2:B3) in B4

When done, B4 better be 35

It also works on rectangular ranges

  • Put 27 in Cell B2
  • Put 35 in Cell B3
  • Put 37 in Cell C2
  • Put 31 in Cell C3
  • Put =MAX(B2:C3) in B4

When done, B4 better be 37

To be honest, both question and answer are trivial.

Using the B4 Cell, when you type =MAX, a little help screen pops up to give you the option to add cells/values.

I am using Excel 2010, BTW

Click on the File tab, look to the far right and you will see the Greek Letter Sigma.

Click on the Sigma's DropDown Arrow and Choose More Functions. You will get a list of Functions available in Excel to Insert into the Cell.

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Thank you so much! – user1953920 Jan 7 '13 at 21:34

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