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My home has a single Ethernet jack going to most rooms. In some rooms I'd like to expand that into several ports so I'm going to be putting a small switch next to each one. All the switches I've seen require access to power. It's not terrible but it'd be much nicer if I had one that was powered over the Ethernet uplink instead using PoE. Does anyone make such a product?

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a quick google search yielded quite a few POE-powered switches. Try searching for "POE-powered switch". – Jim G. Jan 7 '13 at 21:58
1 quick google-search:… – TheCompWiz Jan 7 '13 at 22:20
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Not that I have seen directly, however, if the source provides POE, you can always use a POE injector to power a low powered switch.

(First picture found by Google as I couldn't find an example including the wires)

enter image description here

Although, being passive, I believe that this product will most likely use the spare pairs of cable and not give you a gig.

I have seen the following from TP Link which is rated for a full gig: linky - and if your source does not provide POE, you can always combine it with : linky

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