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I have (letters up top are column names):

|  J |  M    |   N   |  O  |
|    |kennedy|  2    |   4 |
|    |nixon  |   3   |   2 |
|    |       |   8   |     |
|    |  bush |       |     |
|    |       |       |     |
|    |       |       |     |

If Column M is blank, J should be zero (same row)
If Column M is filled, N should be added up with O.

This is what I have tried (placed in J2):


Could someone please explain why this does not work/what does?

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1 Answer

For vanilla Excel, the following code does exactly what you want:


Using semi-colons is not standard. Does the following work for you?


Your versions of Excel and Windows may be important to discovering idiosyncrasies like this in the future.

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