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I want to paste two different lines in two different cases:

In case A, I want to paste "This is case A" and in case B, I want to paste "Completely different case B".

If I use yy and p, only one line could be remembered. Is there a simple way to do such a thing like this:

Just a example:

1) Ctrl+F1+yy copies in buffer F1, Ctrl+F2+yy copies in buffer F2

2) Ctrl+F1+p pastes the line in buffer F1 and Ctrl+F2+p pastes the line in buffer F2
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Vim is perfectly suited for this - it comes with its own set of slots, called registers.

You can access the last, previous-to-last, etc. deleted or yanked contents by prefixing the p paste command with "0, "1, etc.

Alternatively, you can use 26 named registers a - z; explicitly yank / delete into them via "ayy. The :registers command lists the current contents.

Read more at :help registers.

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