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I have Created One script that shows password on hover just like windows 8 on eye click. i have made this functionality through javascript with following code.

function text(){this.type="text"}function password(){this.type="password"}function addHandlers(){var e=false;var t=document.evaluate("//input[@type='password']",document,null,6,null);for(var n=t.snapshotLength-1,r;r=t.snapshotItem(n);n--){if(!e){r.addEventListener("mouseover",text,false);r.addEventListener("mouseout",password,false)}else{r.addEventListener("focus",text,false);r.addEventListener("blur",password,false)}}}addHandlers()

sorry for the packed js. but what i want is create a bookmark or bookmarklet that run this script ..

i tried

but it didn't work..

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bookmark is not very specific. There is more than one program that knows something like a bookmark/bookmarklet. Of course it seems that you mean a browser. Well there is Firefox, IE, Opera etc.. which one? – humanityANDpeace Jan 8 '13 at 12:33
firefox 17..... – vishal Jan 8 '13 at 12:33
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To solve your specific problem I managed to get your Javascript code do execute without any error in this version

javascript:(function(){function text(){this.type="text"};function password(){this.type="password"};function addHandlers(){var e=false;var t=document.evaluate("//input[@type='password']",document,null,6,null);for(var n=t.snapshotLength-1,r;r=t.snapshotItem(n);n--){if(!e){r.addEventListener("mouseover",text,false);r.addEventListener("mouseout",password,false)}else{r.addEventListener("focus",text,false);r.addEventListener("blur",password,false)}}};addHandlers();alert("bookmarklet loaded");})();

To see if your code works I added a alert("bookmarklet loaded"); in the end of the bookmarklet. So you can try and should - since I tested on FF17- see as a result a messagebox appear. If your code works or does not work I am unable to say, but of course this was not the question.

There are some things you can keep in mind ot make transformation of Javascript code within <script></script> tags easier to be adopted for a bookmarklet

  • In normal javascript code a newline can seperate two commands. Bookmarklets are in one line so substitute the linebreak with a semicolon ;.

edit (let's put in an example here)

Lets have an example. Lets have two a sourcecode with two instructions:

var anumber=1
var atext="hallo"

When put all in one line (= make the linebreak to whitespaces) you would first end up with this

var anumber=1 var atext="hallo"

This is not valid Javascript code anymore. If you want to combine two instructions in one line you need to seperate/delimiter the two instructions by using a semicolon like this:

var anumber=1; var atext="hallo"
  • wrap all you code in kind of this kind of closure:
    javascript:(function(){ [ your code...] })();

There are quite some websites out there to investigate the solution. Like here.

If the solution worked for you, please consider acception this answer as a solution ;)

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In normal javascript code a newline can seperate two commands. Bookmarklets are in one line so substitute the linebreak with a semicolon ; what does it mean.. can u elaborate more?? – vishal Jan 8 '13 at 13:36
I recommend inserting semicolons always, although you can read more about it here. – Karan Jan 8 '13 at 18:21

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