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Lets say for kicks that my site ftp login details are: username password

What is the best (fastest download with a relatively simple syntax) method to download an entire site folder (including all sub folders) via ftp using terminal on a mac? Using strictly default out of the box tools in 10.8 - without having to install extra tools please.

Please don't suggest wget - I'm failing miserably with installing it for mysterious reasons.

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Check out SFTP. Should be enabled by default.

sftp -r user@host:directory

Man page:

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SFTP may totally not be enabled by default depending on what server the user is connecting to. – Bob Kruithof Jun 3 '15 at 14:22

I had to tell you that the default ftp can't get files recursively. You could use shell to do it. But I sugguest you try lftp (not wget ^_^)

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Okay, thanks that's noted. but i'm crossing my fingers hoping there might be some other way. – adriatiq Jan 8 '13 at 6:18

If sftp is not enabled, you can try ftpcopy

I never tried to use it on mac, but it claims to compile on it

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