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I'm newbie in linux, I installed latest kubuntu release. I was told that it already has sqlite on it/ How can I find out is it installed and what version of SQLite is on it?

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If the sqlite is installed, running this command in a terminal will give you the version:

$ sqlite -version

As you can see, on my system it is version 2.8.17. The $ in the above example is a Unix convention to indicate that the command is run on a terminal (# is used to indicate commands run as the root user), you should not explicitly type it.

If the above command gives you a "No command found" error, then sqlite is not installed and you can install it by running this command in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install sqlite
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I receive "No command found", but I added to Firefox SQLite Manager, and it works, I creates tables.. – NNewbiEE Jan 8 '13 at 18:40

You should be able to use the package manager (adept) to check which packages are installed. (To start adept from the command line use kdesu adept).

Failing that, this is an ugly workaround which at least shows major versions:

Create a database, then use the file command on it.

$ file file2.db
file2.db: SQLite 2.x database

$ file file3.db
file3.db: SQLite 3.x database
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