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I've uploaded a folder with extension .zip via a web interface and I want to save via SFTP so that a perl script can retrieve the folder, unzip it, and execute some instructions.

I've found these two utilities, ssh2_scp_send and ssh2_scp_recv, but they are related to files, not folders. Can anyone help?

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A folder with a ".zip" extension is not a folder, but just a single ZIP file. You can send it like any other file. Where have you uploaded it to? A server you control? Where do you want to save it via SFTP? Programming questions, e.g. with PHP are off topic on Super User though. Please consider asking a more specific example with the code you're already using over on Stack Overflow. – slhck Jan 8 '13 at 19:48

SFTP does not work for getting an entire directory/folder. You should use SCP instead with the command: scp -r user@host:/the/path/

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