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So, apologies in advance if I break any house rules as this is my first question on the site.

I use my various PCs in English, Hindi and Tamil. The default MS keyboard layout for Tamil is basically not fit for purpose and so I created my own some years ago using microsoft keyboard creator, and have installed this on all my previous computers.

I now have a new Win 8 laptop. My .msi installer file for installing the keyboard won't run and gives an "Installer was interrupted before "Tamil-NNv1.1" could run." I am not sure why this should be as I have switched off user account control. However, I am desperate to get this running again on my laptop as I have essentially trained myself to touchtype in Tamil using my layout.

The details of the layout and the msi and dll files are here:


Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get my keyboard layout to install (I know how to add the built in layouts to install by the way, and have just done so for Hindi).

Thanks in advance.

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This thread suggests that the program is not fully compatible with Win8, whereas in the comments on this blog post an MS employee says "As with previous versions of Windows, other layouts such as Colemak are easily created and installed using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator tool". Can you try recreating the layout by running the Keyboard Layout Creator on Win8? –  Karan Jan 9 '13 at 0:33

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