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How can I find manually? I believe that I moved it somewhere using a command line like this:

sudo mv ./Desktop

It didn't show up on my desktop, and it isn't in Applications anywhere

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Can't the search engine on the top of your screen help you with that? There isn't much I like with Macs, but the search engine isn't one of them. It's really well-made. – Ariane Jan 9 '13 at 2:17
Are you sure you didn't remove it? – Daniel Beck Jan 9 '13 at 8:49

Terminal is in /Applications/Utilities/ by default.

If you actually moved it, try typing Terminal in the Spotlight menu and pressing ⌘↩ (command-return). (If ⌘↩ doesn't do anything, it's probably because of the Apple Events bug in 10.8.2.)

If even that doesn't work, try running this in AppleScript Editor:

POSIX path of (path to application "Terminal")
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If that's the command you typed, terminal is now named 'Desktop' and is still in your /Applications/Utilities folder (since you would have had to be in that folder for the command to do anything at all).

Take a look in there for stray Desktops :)

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