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Is there a way to run git commands without using the default gitconfig?

For example, say I had setup a custom diff tool in my gitconfig. If I wanted to use the default git diff (which uses diff?), how would I do it?


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Use the --ext-diff option with git diff. --ext-diff allows you to specify a different external diff tool.

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To ignore the system Git config (/etc/gitconfig), set the environment variable GIT_CONFIG_NOSYSTEM to 1 (or true or yes). To ignore the global Git config (~/.gitconfig), set the environment variable GIT_CONFIG_NOGLOBAL to 1 (or true or yes).

Example: GIT_CONFIG_NOGLOBAL=1 git diff

These options are available since ab88c36 (allow suppressing of global and system config, 2008-02-06). The first release (candidate) that appears to know them is 1.5.5-rc0 (git describe --contains ab88c36).

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This was removed in 2011 but HOME= git diff will prevent Git from reading $HOME/.gitconfig, accomplishing the same thing (tested in Git v2.3.2). – Han May 6 '15 at 1:49

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