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I have a pack of screensavers (XScreenSaver) that I would use in Ubuntu, with a certain number of them selected at random when a screensaver is needed. I have this same pack, now, for OS X Snow Leopard, and I want the same behavior. I installed only the ones I want in the random rotation, but when I tell it to select one at random, it selects one of all the screensavers, not just the ones I installed. When I go to remove the built-in ones, the "-" button is disabled, so I don't seem to be able to remove these from the rotation. I would prefer to not have an ugly pan/zoom slideshow of islands or flowers or whatever show up on my computer. How do I disable the default OS X 10.6 screensavers?

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To disable them you'll need to remove them from /System/Library/Screen Savers. Remove Beach.slideSaver, Nature Patterns.slideSaver, Forest.slideSaver and any others you don't wish to appear.

(It is probably wisest to move them to some other folder for safe-keeping.)

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