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I am drawing a class diagram currently, in which there are variables of 'Collections' type and also methods that return 'Collections'.

I am unable to find any Collections type from the list given in it. I am currently using Visio 2007.

For example: Map model is my variable, myMethod(): Map is my method;

Can anyone please help me find the collections type?

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I am assuming by collection, you are meaning generics like List<>

Double click the class to open properties.

Click on operations to see the methods

Select the return type which closely matches what you want. EG, I've selected string as I want my parameter to be List. Now click properties.

You can set prefix and suffix which will put the words either side of the predefined type.

EG, in prefix I would type List< and in suffix I would type >

enter image description here

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yes by saying collections I meant list, set or map. I already gave an example with Map. – Freakyuser Jan 9 '13 at 9:59

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