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I want to reuse values. Is there a similar functionality as %10 of Mathematica in Octave?

octave:18> 3/log (2)

ans = 4.32808512266689

octave:19> % //how to output 4.328....

octave:19> %%

octave:19> %18

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If you just need the last value calculated, the variable ans will do the job.

If you need it after several other calculations, you need to use the command run_history linenumber:

octave:9> 3/log(2)
ans =  4.3281
octave:10> 42
ans =  42
octave:11> 37
ans =  37
octave:12> run_history 9
ans =  4.3281

Then that value is in the ans variable and you can use it in a calculation:

octave:13> 2 * ans
ans =  8.6562

run_history is a command, not a function, so it doesn't seem to be usable directly in a calculation (or else I'm getting the syntax wrong). I'd love to hear about a more direct way if there is one.

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