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I have downloaded the Node.JS tar from the official website. I now have to set /home/admin/Desktop/node-v0.8.16-linux-x64/bin as the working directory to run it from a terminal. However, I don't want to have to cd in that directory every time, and I don't want the node-v0.8.16-linux-x64 folder on my desktop all the time.

Where is a convenient place to put the node-v0.8.16-linux-x64 so that:

  • it's "hidden" from the user (i.e. not on the desktop)
  • I can run node from a terminal regardless of the current working directory (i.e. it's automatically in my path)
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A similar question was asked and discussed on U&L.

The short answer is to place the executable in $HOME/bin (creating the directory if necessary). Most shell initialization files include $HOME/bin in the user $PATH, but you may need to manually add it to your $PATH.

Assuming you are using bash, add to your ~/.bashrc:


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