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How shall I put this...

It's like: you can tell robocopy: "move the contents of this map to that map".

But you can't say: "move that map to that map, no matter the contents"(to be content of that map)

Or can you?

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There is a GUI for Robocopy that makes it much easier to use outside the command line called RichCopy.

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Robocopy by default should copy all contents, no matter what they are. If you mean recursively into all subdirectories, use /E:

robocopy C:\dir D:\backupdir /E

You can find a complete list of all available switches here.

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I believe what the original poster was referring to was the fact that RoboCopy does not copy the root folder / source folder, but rather only its contents.

More information can be found here: Robocopy does not copy the root folder and its time stamp

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