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Hand link icon with stop

As you can see from the picture I get a stop symbol (PrtScn doesn't capture cursor, so I edited that in) & no images load. This happens on multiple different feeds, so I have trouble believing that's the cause, as it happens with the default-included feeds as well. Things I have tried without sucess:

  • Disabled all firewall+AV's
  • Restart
  • Run sidebar.exe as Admin

Not sure what is causing this, maybe the microsoft recent article saying widgets are a security concern & how to disable (as well as their site deactivation for additional widgets)

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I actually don't see the stop symbol in the screenshot. Have you confirmed the RSS Feed work with some other RSS client? – Ramhound Jan 9 '13 at 17:50
Its the link (hand) icon, with a stop symbol to the right of it (its shaded white with a black border). The RSS feed opens (as seen in the screenshot), is up-to-date, & the 'Read online...' link works to open it in a browser. Just odd the cursor & that pictures don't load. I only have one other win7 PC available to me, I will be attempting to try it later today – greggmcfg Jan 9 '13 at 20:16
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Derp. Internet Explorer being offline causes this. I had gone offline to check a .mht file I had created worked successfully. I noticed after I opened internet explorer to click a link & it had the same icon

Once again: IE being offline is the cause, it now is working. Hopefully this helps someone else who gunks things up

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