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I have Windows Vista Ultimate installed on my PC, and when I boot , and the login screen appears, how do I switch to administrator login, at the moment it's only one username that appears and I need to use the administrator.

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There's a tutorial here that tells you how you can do this. Here are the full isntructions for doing this, from

  • Logon to Windows Vista with normal user account username and password (must belongs to Administrators group).
  • Click on Vista Start button, and type cmd in the Start Search box.
  • Right click on the Cmd returned on the search results pane above, then select Run as Administrator.
  • In the Command Prompt window, type the following text at the command line to set a password for administrator account: net user administrator password. If you want to use a blank password for the Administrator account, skip this step. Replace password with the actual password string that you have chosen. Press Enter when done. Note that if your computer is a member of domain controller or has enabled complex password requirement in Local Security Policy, you will have to pick a really hard to remember password mixed with symbols.

  • Next type the following command and press Enter to activate and enable Administrator account: net user administrator activate:yes. The process should complete with the following message: The command completed successfully.

  • Logout from Vista by choosing Log Off or Switch User.

  • Click on Administrator icon and logon with the password you selected.
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Thx, And if I can't remember the password for the other account – Roland Oct 9 '09 at 8:18
Got it working, thank you – Roland Oct 9 '09 at 8:19
Glad I could help! – alex Oct 9 '09 at 8:20

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