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I finally figured out the command to disable touchpad in my Fedora 17 using Gnome desktop 3.4.2.: xinput set-prop 13 132 0 (specific to my Thinkpad)

Now where do I put this command, so that it is in effect every time I start the computer? I tried putting it in ~/.xinitrc, but to no effect (the command itself works, when executed in command line, but the file is not executed automatically when I start the PC).

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Put your command into a script, such as then create a folder ~/.config/autostart and put the script in there

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Whether ~/.xinitrc is run will depend on your Desktop Environment, ost modern ones do not use it as they do not use xinit. You could try adding it to /.xsession or to the startup scripts in /etc/rc5.d

EDIT: Assuming you are always using Gnome, @Kruug's suggestion is probably better.

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I finally figured it out. From terminal I started gnome-session-properties. This shows "Startup Application Preferences" where in the tab "Startup Programs" I added an item with xinput set-prop 13 132 0 as a value of "Command:" field.

For completenes - how did I find the numbers above? Using xinput list I found the id of my Touchpad (id=11 in my case). And using this id xinput list-props 11 I found the option for enabling/disabling device has number 132, the value 0 meaning disabled.

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