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I just connected the new disk to the motherboard and started the computer. BIOS has listed the new and old disks.

Then I went to Disk Management to format it, but it doesn't appear. But I can see it listed in Device Manager.

Moreover, the manufacturer (Seagate) has the tool Drive Detect, which detects both of them; and another tool SeaTools for Windows, which doesn't detect any (it only detects USB-1394).


It seems EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition detects it. Should I try to format it with this program, even if WIndows doesn't recognize it?

I have tried adding partition using EaseUS, but it says "There are some error occurred while writing partition chains on disk"

Edit: I have just created a spin-off of this question: How can I make my XP recognize my new internal hard drive?

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You may need to search for it in the command line program diskpart. I've had drives not show up in disk manager but diskpart sees them. Explore the command line switches (list disk / select disk) to properly locate and format the disk so Windows can use it.

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Thanks, but list disk only lists the old one. – Oriol Jan 9 '13 at 18:58
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In my case, it was a driver problem, so I could solve it going to my motherboard manufacturers' site, and installing SATA drivers, contained within the chipset driver.


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