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I've often wondered how to use Windows Search Filters. The available documentation is extremely limited, but its potential uses are quite large.

When I type something, the only search filters I see are "Date modified" and "Size". Googling shows me a few other options that, sometimes, work. Every time I try to use it I'm pondering "what search filters can I use, and what options does each filter support?". Anybody any idea where to find an extensive list or how to configure Search to give me a dropdown of the possibilities?

To find something, I always go back to a command prompt. I'd like to think I can do otherwise.

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Instead of "Search Filters", the keywords/phrase you're actually looking for is "Advanced Query Syntax".

As always, MSDN is the place to turn to for further help and details:

BTW, if you need a far better search utility with RegEx support, try AstroGrep or Everything.

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And I just thought I was stupid, not being able to find a simple file in the current directory with a given text. Reading only the first three comments on that link finally gives me the insight that it is not me. Opening a command prompt on that dir, use findstr et voilà! There is is. And there I was, trying to find the filters that could have helped me, like "content" or whatever, but, alas, they don't help. Thanks, this was exactly the link (and discussion) I needed to see! –  Abel Jan 10 '13 at 21:27
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