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How do you disable auto-mounting of ALL new/unknown drives on OS X? This article describes how to disable automount on a specific drive:


But then you have to know the drive UUID. And to find out the UUID you would have to mount the drive, and the second you do that OS X auto-mounts the drive as read+write and starts writing lots of hidden files to the drive (.Spotlight-V100, .Trashes, .fseventsd, .metadata_never_index) before you can say "cake". This is particularly bad if the connected drive is a faulty drive you are going to to rescue work on, then you obviously don't want the Operating System to write to the drive at all.

So what do you do to get complete control of the mounting process?

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Aaron Burghardt's Disk Arbitrator does almost what you want. While it's running, it can be set to either reject new mounts, or force new mounts to be read-only (or it can be disabled, so new mounts happen normally). However, it applies its policy to all volumes attached while the program is running (whether or not they've been seen before), and it does not apply to volumes attached (and hence mounted) at system startup (i.e. before you have a chance to run the program). But it's open source, so if it't not close enough to what you want you might be able to modify it...

(BTW: credit goes to @chrisk for bringing Disk Arbitrator to my attention in this earlier answer to a similar question.)

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