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I recently installed/configured Postfix and Dovecot on my Debian Squeeze server. I can send mail using telnet so I know everything is working alright, but I cannot connect the account to Outlook. Is there something I'm missing? Related maybe to SASL or SMTP?

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Any error messages maybe? – Oliver Salzburg Jan 9 '13 at 23:16

Assuming th'art requiring authentication for SMTP, the most likely explanation is that the "login" mechanism is not enabled in dovecot's config - the relevant file is probably /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf but may be something suitably named in /etc/dovecot/conf.d. One of them should have a mechanisms line, which needs to include login - Outlook does not support the plain mechanism.

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I have mechanisms = plain login in dovecot.conf and have switched it around to "plain, login" or "login plain" but to no avail unfortunately. – Joey Miller Jan 10 '13 at 1:59
Sounds like I'm wrong, then. Sorry I was unable to help. – Darael Jan 10 '13 at 16:35

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