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Are there some editors like emacs, vi/vim, specifically for power shell, if so which are the best?

I will have to do some work on windows and I need some unix productivity - which means for me shell + text editor with syntax highlighting (for python, java, c, c++), so which are my options?

I'm looking for an alternative at vim or other unix editors, and cygwin is not an option. I just want from the command line to say texteditor_name file1, modify it, save it etc, and all of these to happen inside the terminal, not in another interface etc.

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there is no sane internal editor (comparable with vim/emacs) that comes right out of the box with windows. vim is available as a native windows binary for 32 and 64bit, and it works in the console (aka textmode). – akira Oct 9 '09 at 9:51
Did you try PowerShell SE IDE? – PowerShellTools Jan 30 '11 at 7:32
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Vim is available as a straight-up Windows port if you prefer it. I have an older version that installed itself with batch files; that doesn't integrate into Cygwin so well, but it's workable. I haven't tried v7 yet.

I'm sure there's Emacs for Windows, but I'll let you dig that link up on your own. ;)

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i'm kidding, here ya go: ... i don't know anything about these builds (other than they are straight from GNU) ... the first google link was a "compile it on Windows!" FAQ. (also from GNU...) – quack quixote Oct 9 '09 at 8:55

why not use vim with 'powershell syntax'?

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What I did was grabbed Nano w. the WinNT binary from:

I threw that folder into an idea folder and then added it to the Windows System PATH. :3 (Start -> Right Click "Computer" -> Properties -> System protection -> Advanced -> Environment Variables -> System variables.)

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A little late to the party but this editor works great from the command line.

Kinesics Text Editor

It also has a UI version as well.

After install you can use it at the command line by typing 'k'.

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