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This isn't a programming question, but I wasn't sure of a better place within stackexchange to put it:

Sometimes MS Outlook will freeze when using the app, such that you cannot drag & drop messages to folders (and maybe some other things freeze up, too). There is a simple fix for this:

just keep pressing ESC a few times

This wakes MS Outlook back up. Not sure what is really going on behind the scenes.

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Do you have your PST file on a network drive? – snowdude Jan 10 '13 at 11:11
@snowdude, no, I don't have it on a network drive in this case. But if you follow the link, it appears this isn't related to drive access or anything like that. If I were to guess, it's maybe an issue with memory (or perhaps virtual memory... in my case my virtual memory is on my desktop, not a network). – Mike Williamson Jan 17 '13 at 17:38

Just keep pressing ESC a few times, this will wake MS Outlook back up. Here is a link that goes into a bit more detail.

I just wanted to make sure this tip was placed somewhere within StackExchange for easier discovery.

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