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i am trying to create a .deb file that first installs the dependency that is stored in the some folder, for that i have created a shell script. My issue is executing the shell script through make file my make file format to call a shell script is like this:

$(shell PATH="$(../)" "./")

but when i do a fakeroot debian/rules clean, it throws an error:

./ 3: ./ sh: not found
./ 4: ./ make: not found
./ 5: ./ make: not found
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You are setting PATH to "" you even commands in /usr/bin can't be found.

I assume you want to add .. to PATH. What you want is:

$(shell PATH="$(PATH):.." ./

Assuming you are doing something with the output of, if not then:

PATH=$(PATH):.. ./

Is all that is required.

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