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I got an HP ProBook 4540s in December--When I first got it, every time I booted up, there was a rather large icon, almost like a Windows 7 gadget, to access HP Protect Tools, but I had too much going on to mess with it right away and kept clicking on something like "remind me next time I log on" and determined to get acquainted with it after the holidays--But at some point in time, that icon went away and now I can't locate it at all--

I'd like to try, and probably use, the fingerprint reader and explore whatever else is among the Protect Tools, but now I can't find them or any folder or .exe to acceess them--

Can anyone help me find them?--

Thanks so much

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I would start at the HP website/support and pick your operating system. Look at the Driver - Keyboard, Mouse and Input Devices area. There the fingerprint recognition driver is available. Further down the page is Software-Security with protectTools download options.

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