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I need to track CPU by process in Windows 7 and log results in a file.

How could I do this please?

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You could use Powershell, there are multiple options depending on what you want to do:

To log the CPU % of a specific process:

PS C:\Users\mmoor> $A=Get-Process
PS C:\Users\mmoor> $A[0].Name
PS C:\Users\mmoor> $A[0].CPU
PS C:\Users\mmoor> "$($A[0].Name) --- $($A[0].CPU)" >> .\ProcessCPU.Log

You could also just send the output of Get-Process to a file:

PS C:\Users\mmoor> Get-Process >> .\ProcessCPU.Log

You could create a schedule task that runs a script like this automatically.

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Process Explorer can do this, although you can only create dump files for individual processes. It does provide an easy way to view all running processes though.

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