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I've recently bought an SSD drive and I want to reinstall Windows 7, but my notebook (ASUS K73SV) didn't come with a Windows 7 DVD, but a recovery partition on HDD. It's okay, but it comes with too much bloatware. I want to reinstall from a clean ISO, but there's the problem...

There are no Polish ISOs.

Digital River holds most ISOs, but not Polish (at least I wasn't able to find one). I don't have a TechNet/MSDN subscription, so I can't download it from there. Even torrents won't lend me a legit ISO. Is there any other place I can try to download from, without buying a key from Microsoft or TechNet subscription? I need exactly Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Polish ISO.

Or, if someone has a TechNet subscription, he could get me a direct download link from there, they're available as long as someone is a subscriber.

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Which files are on the recovery partition? With some (or rather, a lot) of luck those contain the files needed to make a bootable pen drive rather than just a disk image. – Hennes Jan 11 '13 at 15:15
What about contacting the seller or the manufacturer? – jap1968 Jan 11 '13 at 15:37
I can't check this (partiton content) for some reason. GParted says about 15GB is used on this partition (25GB, FAT32), and Windows cannot mount this partition at all, I must format it first (definitely not what I want to do). OEM will just give me bloated Recovery disks, and this process takes sometimes months in Poland. – Dragoon Aethis Jan 11 '13 at 15:39
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I'm afraid I don't think you can

Unfortunately, none exist, if you need to work in Polish, you will either need to purchase a localized version of Windows 7 in your native language or consider doing an Anytime Upgrade to Windwos 7 Ultimate then download the Polish language through Windows Update.

If it came already installed, I think you need to contact the OEM direct


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