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I have a GIT repo on GitHub that I work with on both Windows and Linux. Here is what I observe:

(on Linux) git pull
(on Linux) I cannot save files. I change permissions, and make changes.
(on Linux) git push

(on Windows) git pull
(on Windows) I make some changes
(on Windows) git push

(on Linux) git pull
(on Linux) I *still* do not have the rights to change the files.

How can I have GIT always allow me to change the files in my repo on Linux?

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This might be related to ntfs not having file permission, so when you push from windows it's not pushing permissions on the files. – Rob Jan 11 '13 at 17:38
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Need more details. After "changing permissions" you have to do the "git add"/"git commit" (or simpler, "git commit -a") dance: git does register the permissions to the files.

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1) Create the git repo under your home directory in linux

$>mkdir ~/source
$>cd ~/source
$>git init
$>git pull .....

Untested code, but this should point you in the right direction. You should have no perm problems under your home directory.

2) Do a sudo git pull, but I really don't recommend it.

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