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How can I change the Chrome installation folder when I install it? It gives no option to do so.

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For those who may still be out there attempting to find a solution. Google offers an Enterprise version of the installer. It's a .msi installer but its default installation directory is C:\program files\google instead of the typical c:\user\user\appdata\local\google

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Link: – Enissay Feb 14 at 20:06

Unfortunately you can't. This was once possible with google pack, which is now dead software.

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I have not done this, but I think it may be possible using the MSI installer. Another question would seem to indicate that it would work with something like

msiexec /i "chrome.msi" TARGETDIR="C:\chrome" /qb

with the appropriate paths, of course.

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This or a symbolic link is the only way I see.

Unless you're able to just move the installation directory as you please after the installation, and Chrome is smart enough to adjust? Might want to try that.

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